Chiller for Semi-cond industry

Industrial Water Chiller - For Semi-Conductor Industry

Water-Cooled and Air-Cooled Condenser (Temperature Accuracy) = + 0.1  ºC
High-Tech Devices and Features:
  • All-in 1 Tough Screen Controller: Intergrated the display, operation and control functions into 1 unit; simple to use and the message/instructions are clear.
  • Flexible: The program can be changed easily.  Simply down loading new program using an USB drive to change the operation or switch to other applications.  No change to the wiring will be required.
  • Centralize Control (Optional): A maximum of 32 sets of Hi-Tech Series Industrial Water Chillers can be operated and controlled by one computer simultanously through the intrnet and a special program.  Any fault detected by any one of the water chiller will be indicated in this computer and rectification can be taken immediately.
  • Heating Ability (Optional): The Water Chiller can be upgraded to include the water heating function, i.e. with cooling and heating functions integrated into 1 machine.  The Maximun Heating Temperature is 90ºC.

 For details of our water chillers, please refer to Water Chiller (Air-cooled) -Regular Series 0.5-5HP; Water Chiller (Water-cooled)- Regular Series 3-12HP; Water Chiller (Air-cooled) Multi-compressors series 7-200HP and Water Chiller (Water-cooled) Multi-compressor series 8-200HP or contact us at: Tel: 603-78450129, Fax: 603-78450139,

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