SCP Cabinet DryerSCP Cabinet Dryer

-P.I.D. Electronic Temperature Control
-Heat-sealed design to enable consistent temperature and to minimize power consumption
-Advance protection devices to protect against overheat and motor overload
-Option for Stainless Steel Perforated Tray and Net Tray (9 trays or 18 trays)
-Automatic Start-up devices








Working Principle
SCP Heavy Duty Cabinet Dryer contains of 9 trays (or 18 trays) in which materials to be dried separately.  During the drying process, heated air will be blown out from the Heating Chamber and through the Perforated side wall.   This enables that the heated air can go through the material evenly.  The moist air will be exhausted through the Air Outlet until the materials are dried.

Cabinet Dryer Specification